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    Offers future employers a unique blend of technology, finance and entrepreneurship experience. Proven ability to deliver high-quality, thoughtful and demonstrably impactful contributions to VMware, Cisco, BNY Mellon, a boutique technology investment bank, and to his own various startup ventures. Quick learning, inquisitive, personable, self-starting personality who knows the value of persistence under hardship.
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    • Amazon Robotics
      Spring 2020
      Software Engineer (Intern)
      • Will be writing software to optimize fulfillment floor operations, empower customers, and minimize costs
    • VMware
      Spring 2019
      Software Engineer (Intern)
      • Assimilated into VCloud Director networking team, engaging with underlying networking problems, collaborating with co-workers, and tackling a multitude of development issues in the process.
      • Expanded Open-API functionality, STF testing suites, and resolved numerous product-breaking bugs, resulting in an estimated 5% leap towards reaching VCD's Networking release goals.
      • Researched, implemented, and presented a tomcat-deployable, Jenkins-integrated proxy in Java Spring Boot, that's essential in the testing of VCD's integration with Amazon Web Services (A key component to VMware's Partnership with Amazon), saving developers 10 hours per week in manual testing.
    • Cisco Systems
      Summer 2018
      Software Engineer (Intern)
      • Integrated into Cisco Defense Orchestrator front-end development team, grasping difficult networking concepts while simultaneously making significant strides in front-end development progress.
      • Taught myself Spring Boot, Angular.js, and Node.js over a 1-month period to meet development demands.
      • Completed 8% of product navigation milestone reaching every CDO customer, on-par with full time developers.
      • Demoed front-end and back-end individual progress on a weekly basis to thirty other CDO employees as a means of acquiring constructive criticism and iterating on the results.
      Bank of New York
      Spring 2018
      Software Engineer (Intern)
      • Using python, developed a command line ETL process between our Apache Phoenix database and Elasticsearch database that easily transferred over 100 million records in an efficient and optimized manner. Used DBeaver as a way to monitor the process. Saved over 10 hours of work per week.
      • Maintained spool queries in charge of the transfer of data from multiple legacy databases to our Hadoop cluster.
      • Actively engaged in best Agile Development practices and saw, first hand, how quickly the process allows for the development of a valuable minimum viable product.
      • Worked as a fully functional scrum team member and pushed code into what will eventually reach production.
      • Leveraged docker as a means of both running tests on local elasticsearch, fluentd, and kibana instances and contributing to our microservice infrastructure.
      • In charge of developing the continuous integration / continuous deployment pipeline for Python. Currently working with Linkedin’s Pygradle, Jenkins, Bitbucket, and Docker to automatically build/handle dependencies, develop standard e2e tests, and finally publish the repository to our remote artifactory.
      Inference Solutions
      Summer 2017
      Software Engineer (Intern)
      • Developed a web app using Firebase, PHP, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS that manipulated and then visualized client data with various front-end frameworks including Highcharts and Bootstrap.
      • Decreased website loading times by 4-5 seconds in utilizing a standard MVC architecture and by applying dynamic programming fundamentals to the algorithms in charge of aggregating and interpreting data.
      • Hosted Alexa skill on AWS Lambda that interacted with Inference’s API such that you could initialize, manage, and create interactive voice response campaigns through your Amazon Alexa.
      • Communicated directly with the senior software developer (remotely), CMO, and CEO
      Architect Partners LLC
      Summer 2016
      Investment Banking Summer Analyst
      • Assisted with transaction execution, new business development, and M&A research efforts.
      • Worked alongside Managing Partner on AllClear ID’s acquisition of Encap Security, providing Encap and AllClear Id executives with data supporting the MD’s strategic rationale and assessed value.
      • Performed due diligence on incoming client's with Capital IQ and CruncbBase, results of which were used by Managing Partner in discussions with C-level executives.
      • Co-authored two M&A research articles, one on Salesforce’s acquisition of Demandware and another on Vista Equity Partner’s acquisition of Marketo, that were published on Architect Partner's website.
  • folderProjects
      Nyte (Spring Boot, React Native, SQL)

      Led a team of five, collaboratively building the MVP (Sprint Boot, React Native), business plan, and investor presentation for a nightlife utility application. Pitched to IDEA and Senior Advisor at Two Sigma Ventures and former Citi CIO.

      Memoriam (Django, Flutter, AWS S3)

      Built backend for app designed to intelligently store past memories of friends and family. Developed REST API in Django for User and Memory CRUD operations and used AWS S3 for image, audio, and video storage.

      Ecclesia (Golang, Firebase DB)

      Theorized crowd-sourced lobbying platform. Used Golang to architect and develop a production ready user service, campaign service, and search service, each with a RESTful API.

      Crypto Trader (Python)

      Used Bitstamp API and GDAX API, to create a trading algorithm that would buy and sell cryptocurrency based on changes in volume, moving average, and price level changes.

  • starsLeadership
      IDEA: Venture Accelerator
      Partnerships and Network Coordinator
      • Brought high profile founders and venture capitalists (NEA, Sequoia Capital, Midas List VC) into network of mentors.
      • Led development and pilot of platform intended to connect ventures with technical talent in student body.
      • Supporting the existing network of 333 student ventures and 419 alumni ventures.
      NU Student Value Fund
      Technical Consultant
      • Provide technical advice to NEU’s student value fund, a team of 30 individuals managing a fund of $200,000.
      • Rebuilt entire website in HTML/CSS and integrated Air Table into it to allow for non-technical executives to easily alter team, alumni, and contact pages. (

      As a team of 12, mountaineered throughout Wyoming’s grueling Wind River Range. Under dangerous and stressful storm conditions, quickly led our team through glaciated valleys, stretching my critical thinking skills, leadership ability, and calmness under pressure. Climbed Gannet Peak, Fremont Peak, Mt. Sacagawea, Pronghorn Peak, Nylon Peak, Mt. Helens, Jackson Peak, and Harrower Peak, travelling 250 miles with a 60lb pack in the process.

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    I enjoy rock climbing, mountaineering, dirt biking, and hiking. I've also recently started producing music with a software called Ableton. At Northeastern, I'm a part of the outdoor's club (NUHOC), ski club (NU Downhillers), and the rock climbing club. I'm hoping to get into mountain biking if I have the time. My dream is to one day climb Denali.